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Retrofitting Thunderbird Valve Covers for Breather Caps

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  • Retrofitting Thunderbird Valve Covers for Breather Caps

    Forgive me if this has been discussed. My rebuilt 390 FE has a new Edelbrock 2105 performer intake manifold. I’m finding out there are issues I need to deal with. The main one I’m on right now is the absence of an oil filler tube. I’m dead set on using the 1964 Valve Covers (hopefully). Is there any other options for me? I assume there also needs to be a crankcase vent. So my conclusion has been to possibly remove the valve covers, drill out a hole and install breather caps, killing two birds. Is this the best way? If so, has anyone done this with the same valve covers? I’m considering the 45 degree bend on the rear corners.
    Thanks in advance.
    SquareBird in BirdCity

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    Your engine needs to breathe. There are a few methods you may use.
    Valve covers with caps also include oil baffles under the holes. I prefer a breather cap on both valve covers so fresh air enters one and it comes out the other via a pcv. If you don't have and entrance and exit, your pcv will promote oil burning and blowby. - Dave
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      Hopefully this’ll do the trick...
      SquareBird in BirdCity


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        I used an Edelbrock Victor on mine because I converted to EFI and they like single plane. The PCV vent is in the rear so I could keep the classic baldy valve covers. The oil fill can be machined out. I had the carb flange tapered so it would match the original angle and it does clear my hood. I also drilled in a new tap for the EFI coolant sensor. Mine's a '64, last year for Ford Black so that's what's on the manifold too. Ten seconds with a sanding block brought out the lettering on the front runners.