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Replacing Exhaust Manifolds

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  • Replacing Exhaust Manifolds

    I am about to change the exhaust manifolds on Old Betsy as one developed a crack after doing some engine work. Now I have a couple of questions. First, should I get the "new" manifolds planned before installing them to make sure they are true? Second, the gasket set I bought has sheet metal gaskets (the old ones are composite). Do I need to do anything with these gaskets before installing them or can I just put them on as is?
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    Hey Howard,
    On Christine, I had a leak in the right manifold. I talked to a older gentleman, here in town that has allot of old car and old tractor experience. He told me to take a straight edge and run across the manifold and the head to make sure it was true, because he said they would warp if they were ran loose. He also said if they were not true I would have to have them planned to get them true
    It was kind of a pickle, because I did not want to take the exhaust manifold out. So I took it loose, took a framing square and ran across the head and the exhaust manifold. To my amazement both were true
    I got new bolts and gasket and put it back together. I then ran her till I got her good and hot, let her cool off and retighten bolts.
    They may start leaking tomorrow, but that has been several months and several miles ago and I have had no problem yet.
    Richard D. Hord