While I was working through information on replacing a rear main seal in my other string, I found some information indicating it would be a good idea to replace the oil pump drive shaft while I'm in there. The original is considered weak and losing the oil pump while driving would be a bad thing. The information I found stated to use a shaft from Precision Oil Pumps located in California. I ordered the shaft from them on line and almost immediately realized I'd probably ordered the wrong one. I was able to call 2 days later and yes I had ordered the wrong one, and it was already sent. The individual at Precision immediately said they would mail me out a new one along with a return address sticker to send back to wrong one.
Now That's customer service!! Bravo Precision.
They also confirmed, as I had read, that I will need to grind off about .050 in length for it to fit the 430.
Has anyone done this before and have any hints for me?