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    Originally posted by 65cobra03 View Post
    My 1960 conv w/430 had an aftermarket temp controlled electric fan installed on the front of the rad. On hot days at an idle temp will go up but not enough to expand coolant & gurgle out the over flow I keep a bare minimum in the expansion tank "cold" & run a 13 lb cap the fan seems to nicely keep the temp down at a reasonable level
    I'ver thought about doing that but didn't think an electric fan would fit in the space between the A/C condenser and the grill braces. I'd like to see a picture of your fan installation, if possible. Does your vehicle have A/C?
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      puking anti freeze

      Hi Howard
      Will be happy to send you pic's but i am still in my NY home & the t-bird is in marco isle fl Will be migrating south mid Nov.
      Yes my car has factory air w/430 a rare option on a convertible This fan unit had been installed when i bought the car. It has an adjustable remote thermostat mounted on inner fender panel that can turn the fan on at a desired temp. Will contact you when i get settled in


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        The poor man's catch can:

        Soon to be replaced with a chrome unit after the battery is moved to the trunk.