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430 J-Bird Carb Spacer, crankshaft sleeve

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  • 430 J-Bird Carb Spacer, crankshaft sleeve

    I have a '60 Tbird HT with 430. The engine is out for partial rebuild and painting.

    The phenolic carb spacer (wedge) is broken. This is about 1/2" in front and 1/8" in back. Part number is B9SZ9A589-A. So far no luck finding one from any of the Tbird parts houses. The Lincoln suppliers say this part is unique to the J-Bird. Anyone know where to get one? I thought about using a 1/2" phenolic spacer from KMJ Performance and having it machined to the wedge dimensions. Is this practical? How about the Summit Racing TRD-2028 Wedge Plate? That is 8 degrees angle while the original is about 4 degrees. Anyone else solved this problem?

    Also the crankshaft sleeve (B9SZ6359-A) that goes through the timing cover was worn so the previous rebuilder had it sleeved. It doesn't leak, but I'd like to find the correct part. No luck with this either. Should I just leave it alone?
    John Orwin
    1960 HT 430
    VTCI #11290
    Tbird Registry #1590

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    I was told by Dave at the Thunderbird Headquarters that the spacer for 430 is the same as the 352,I looked at mine on the 352 I have and it does look the same.Hope this helps and have better luck with your rebuild on the 430 than I have had.Tom


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      I was thinking they looked very similar as well....
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