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  • Oil leak

    I got my engine in my 430 tbird convertible with A/C and transmission rebuilt got it in and all together,it wasn't turning over very good so I did put new battery cables on and it did help.When I turn it over with out the plugs for about 10 seconds around three time I looked under the car to see if all is okay and see oil dripping from the back of the engine and thought it was the rear seal which was replaced with a new one.Soooooo I went back to the place that did the work and the guy said it must be a oil plug in the back of the engine that is loose or missing when I got oil pressure it started leaking .Now it looks like I have to take it all apart again to get to it as I had the hood and all the parts back toghter ready to run.
    My question is it easier to take just the engine out without the transmission,as the motor and trans had to be tiped so much to get it in and I am working by myself and don't want to do that again if I don't have to.The guy has not called me back that did the work (the boss) of the place wasn't there when I went
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    I just had my 430 with A/C rebuilt this month and can talk to you about what's going on and answer questions for you.

    Don't worry -- you have a friend. I sent you a Private Message.
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