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  • Block spacer plate

    I picked up a box of spare 430 parts a while back and it included a block spacer plate to space the transition back a 1/16” or so.
    my bird did not have this when I got it and still doesn’t. Does anyone know if I should have this spacer plate installed?

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    I've never seen the spacer plate used with the 59-60 Thunderbird. I have seen such a plate used on other engines/years of Ford vehicles.


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      Since your starter motor bolts to your bell housing and your flex plate is on the block (per se), are you having troubles with your starter motor teeth engaging too far (or not enough) into the flex plate?
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        They starter works as it should. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t supposed to have this plate for any other reason. From the few pictures I found it did not appear that the Thunderbirds had this part, but for some reason a few years later it was used in a mercury and Lincoln