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430 Starter Replacement

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  • 430 Starter Replacement

    First I would like to thank Derbird for suggesting RobbMC for a modern starter with a short nose. I purchased a starter from them specifically for the Lincoln/Tbird 430 that has a 153 tooth ring gear.
    Since removing the failed starter involved removing the A/C box, disconnecting the shift and throttle linkage, removing the 'H pipe, and jacking up the motor; I decided to try a different approach. This involved removing the bolts, sliding the starter forward a few inched, and using a sawsall and a well oiled metal blade to cut off the starter shaft. (See picture) This worked like a charm and did not have to remove any other parts. Plus, cutting the old starter was very satisfying.

    I trimmed a little flash off the block casting below the starter to insure room for the new starter solenoid with a die grinder. Then I installed the new starter from RobbMC per the instructions. I positioned the solenoid straight down for the maximum clearance to the header pipe.

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    1960 Hdtp; 430 Option
    1987 Turbo Coupe

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    Good to hear it works. Mine is still sitting in a box on a table next to the car.