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  • PCV conversion

    Looking to get rid of the draft tube. Thoughts are to plug the holes in block and weld a fitting into the side of the hump in the valley pan for the PCV valve. Anyone don this? Or is there a better way?

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    Previous owner did an install like you mentioned. I've seen others where the valley pan was drilled with fitting attached to the pan. Hopefully others will have some suggestions.
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      I tried something similar to this where I plumbed the draft tube into a vacuum port on the carb. I worked great to get rid of the fumes, but the setup acted as a massive vacuum leak and the car ran poorly.
      Currently I have the draft tube and the oil filler port vented directly into the air cleaner housing and this is working out really well. No fumes what so ever.


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        PCV Conversion

        This is an older post but I thought I would add my approach. I removed the tube from the lifter galley and installed a freeze plug in the hole. I then flattened the hump on the valley pan using a socket and hammer large enough to install a pcv grommet. I welded in a small piece of sheet metal to the bottom of the pan to close the clearance opening for the old tube. This forces crankcase vapors to go through the metal screening in the pan. The original Carter carburetor has a boss cast in for a vacuum port. I drilled and tapped this boss for a 1/8" IPT x barbed hose fitting. This approach did not appreciably affect the manifold vacuum and therefore the engine idle.
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