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  • power steering filter

    Does anyone know whether or not the power steering had a filter on a 1960 with the 430 engine. My car has the can but no filter. The Ford car and accessories illustrated catalog does not show one. Thanks for any help.

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    In my experience it was hit and miss whether or not a filter was installed. For some reason I've seen more '59's with filters than '60's. Even the 60-64 Master Parts Catalog is vague about it. It shows a filter for 1960 8 cylinder typical but doesn't show one for 1960 Thunderbird. My feeling is if the filter support is installed than it had one, if not it didn't. 430 or 352 doesn't seem to make a difference.

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      I'm the 2nd owner of my 430MEL '60 Bird. I had to replace the P/S pump 3 years back, it had no pedestal inside for the P/S filter either...

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        power steering filter

        I hadn't thought about the pedestal but mine doesn't have one either. I guess it didn't come with a filter. I found a crack in my p/s pressure line so it needs replacing. I will probably have to have one made as the line from the venders are 31 inches and mine is only about 23. Difference b/t the 352 and 430 I guess. Anyway thanks for responding to my question.


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          For what it's worth, I don't think a filter would do much. I mean, the hydraulic fluid is in a very friendly environment (not like engine oil). European cars like VW and Fiat had no motor oil filter for many years, they simply had screens. I guess they figured, the real filtration comes when you change your oil.

          This begs the question; when was the last time you changed your P/S oil? If you really want a P/S filter, adding one to the return line would be easy to do because it is not under high pressure. - Dave
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            power steering filter

            I have never changed the p/s fluid or any other fluid as the car has been on blocks almost since I purchased it. I'm in the process of rebuilding the front/rear suspension, steering and brake system. Thanks again for anyone's input.