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Check Valves & Head Thermostats

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  • Check Valves & Head Thermostats

    David ~ JBird sent me these questions and the pic. Can anyone address this for him?

    In the pic the red highlighted circle shows the threaded hole in the block to connect a vacuum line to the internal vacuum pump located below my oil pump.

    In the vacuum line there is a check valve which closes off the vacuum pump unless the intake vacuum gets low in passing or climbing a hill. In rain, that would cause the vacuum wipers to stall. That's bad at night in the rain.

    When the vacuum went low, the wiper motor switched from intake vacuum to the oil pump vacuum which actually increased when passing when RPM picked up.

    When the check valve leaked, oil could be sucked all the way through the wiper motor into the intake manifold. That made a cloud of oil smoke out the exhaust.

    My question is. has anyone reproduced these check valves for my 59 T-Bird? Mine is ok yet but I'd like A SPARE.

    Also how about the head thermostats? Any around? I know people remove them but I'd like to put mine back in.


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    The purpose of the check valve is to allow passage of vacuum in one direction only. The particular check valve used on the MEL motor is not being reproduced, but can be replaced by adapting an A/C or other automotive check valve in its' place. I've got several of the block thermostats, send me a PM.


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      I have a new check valve with 3/8" hose connections on both ends. If you need one, send me a PM. - Dave
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