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Powergen generator to alternator upgrade

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  • Powergen generator to alternator upgrade

    So with all the threads about alternator conversions and different issues people have had I decided to share my
    conversion using the Powermaster Powergen alternator in a generator. I realize this isn't the most frugal of upgrades
    and for some of you looking for "more power" that this won't fill your needs. For me, this is basically the perfect
    upgrade as it fits perfectly and supplies more than enough power for my needs. I can also return to the original
    generator in mere minutes if needed as my original wiring is completely intact with only one wire being tucked back
    into the harness. So I used the Powergen 82101-2 Ford swing mount for my 59 square bird with it's original 352,
    my block doesn't have the drilled boss for the alternator mount. The Powergen fit my stock mount perfectly and
    didn't even need a shim/washer for spacing. I did use the pulley supplied with the unit as my original would rub
    and if spaced out to compensate would then leave the belt alignment off just a bit. Since the 82101-2 has the gen
    light output stud it made hookup simple even for someone like me. I used 8 ga, for my charge wire from the alternator
    to a Littelfuse Mega Fuse holder fitted with a 100 amp Mega Fuse and then onto the starter solenoid battery terminal.
    I used my original yellow charge wire for the gen light output and the original generator ground wire on the ground
    terminal. I also added an 8 ga ground wire from the same ground terminal to the battery ground on the engine block.
    the original field wire is the only wire i tucked and taped back into the harness near the alternator. I had a new voltage
    regulator from Rock Auto (I had ordered the wrong amp rating back when they had a closeout sale) so I gutted it so
    I could use it as a simple connection point and save my original one in case I ever went back to original. All the wiring
    at my voltage regulator, now just a junction block, remained exactly the same. It all seems to be working perfectly as
    I write this and with the exception of belt sizing issues it was an easy install . So far I would highly recommend the
    Powergen alternator for anyone not requiring huge power output and looking to keep the stock mounting and look.
    Again this isn't the cheapest way to go but it was the way I felt worked best for me and what I plan to do with my old

    Belt sizing was a minor issue for me and not just on the alternator belt but also on the power steering belt. I had purchased
    all my belts ages ago from Rock Auto using the numbers from their catalog. So first issue was the alternator belt being
    to long even with the alternator maxed out in adjustment, obviously some of that was due to the powergen pulley versus
    the stock pulley, but even with the original pulley it would have been a bit loose. Then the power steering belt was a bit
    short and caused the power steering pump to sit on the lower radiator hose and put the pulley nearly in contact with the
    hose as well. So I've included a photo of the final belt sizes I used for my 352 application which ended up sizing up the
    power steering belt by an inch, from a 7380 to a 7390. Downsizing the alternator belt by three inches from a 7440 to a
    7410, and keeping the a/c belt, 7541, as listed. I also include a picture of the box label as well as the tag from the testing
    of this particular unit with it's amp and voltage outputs.

    Hope this helps some of you out and if you have any questions you can ask here or pm me if needed. Oh and if the mods
    feel this would be better in the 58 to 60 general discussion please feel free to move it.

    Pat M.
    Monson, MA
    1959 HT Hickory Tan, Thunderbird registry #77617

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    pat, beautifully done. appreciate your sharing and the nice photos.


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      Thanks vermbird, Just wanted to give back a tiny fraction of what I've learned from this great group.
      Pat M.
      Monson, MA
      1959 HT Hickory Tan, Thunderbird registry #77617


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        Pat as Warren has mentioned thanks very much for taking the time to post this upgrade. Perhaps Ray can place it in the TRL section for others to follow
        Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
        Thunderbird Registry
        58HT #33317
        60 HT (Sold )


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          Hi Dan,

          I would also like to say Thank You to You, Ray, John and of course Dave and any others behind the scenes helping
          to keep this amazing forum and treasure trove of information up to date and running so smoothly. You guys are
          all great and I hope you know how much we all appreciate your efforts, so again, Thank You!
          Last edited by Pat in Ma; May 25th, 2021, 05:37 AM. Reason: fingers not keeping up with brain and forgetting John - jopizz, Sorry!
          Pat M.
          Monson, MA
          1959 HT Hickory Tan, Thunderbird registry #77617


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            Hi Pat, and all... The kudu's are greatly appreciated! We are so fortunate to have Administrators like Dano, John ~ jopizz, our terrific Technical Administrator and my fantastic fellow Administrator who shares the load of the daily operation of your Forum. Then there is our great Webmaster, Dave ~ simplyconnected, and a good number of members who have been down the road a few times in repairing and restoring these old Tbirds of us, guiding and helping us. Leonard & Deb Wheeler do a stellar job as our USA Paid Membership Administrators, as does Dano who handles the International Paid Members. Speaking of Dave, he is recovering still and will be for awhile longer. He tells me that he could not ask for a better Nurse than he has in Robin! He is still limited in his activities, as that surgery continues to heal, and he is not as ambulatory as he used to be, I gather. But he manages to monitor the activities on the Forum and respond when he feels it is necessary to provide his input. Regarding adding the PowerGen as a viable option to the TRL I will consider doing that. Pat if you would like to put that into a step by step Technical Tip, I can put it in HTML along with the pix, and add it to the TRL, with credit to you for putting it together for us. So much of the information in the TRL came about by past and present members doing exactly that. Writing up a How To Do It Tech Tip and submitting it to me to be included in the TRL..

            Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
            The Terminator..... VTCI #11178
            Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or Call (Cell) 210-875-1411