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  • Original Squarebird AM Radio For Sale

    I have an original, working, spare Squarebird AM radio with amplifier for sale. I bought it shortly after I got the car because my mechanic thought my radio or amplifier was shot. So I ordered it from one of the Tbirds parts houses to replace mine. After looking over the schematic of the hook up of the radio and amplifier he discovered his mistake and hooked it up correctly. The radio worked and still does. Then we hooked up the spare to make sure that it also worked, as that company said it did. And it does. The spare does not have the face plate or the knobs on it. Other than that, it is in excellent working condition. That spare cost me $200. If you are interested in it, email or PM me and we can talk about the price.

    I asked the company I bought it from to allow me to return it since it was not needed. They refused to do so, saying that all sales are final, or words to that effect. Now this is one of the major supplier of Tbird parts. What this vendor did not realize is that their refusal to allow me to return this radio/amplifier cost them dearly in ways they will never know.

    As a result of their refusal, they never got the orders for the thousands of dollars in parts that I have put into Yellow Rose to restore her. That money has gone to one particular vendor, and some others, that have bent over backwards so many times to help me trouble shoot Rose, and to get me the parts I needed to fix her. That vendor is The Bird Nest. The other vendor... well, I will just keep that to myself, but if they check their records, they will see that they have not received much in the way of orders from me, if at all, since. And they never will...
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    Now Ray, be nice... You needed a radio and they sold you a good one. Now you don't need it, so take lots of pictures and sell it on eBay. You might get more than you paid for it.

    Don't hate the vendor because he satisfied your order. I bet if it DIDN'T work, he would have refunded your money. If you need to be mad, look toward the mechanic that connected it wrong, then gave you bogus and expensive information. - Dave
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