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    I have the opportunity to buy a windscreen here in Perth that is new. It is not the tinted green type, rather it has the dark band at the top. I am told it is made in the US and NOT Mexico and is free of "waves". It is from the 70's when the guy who has it owned an auto glass shop and imported it for a customer who then didnt want it.He tells me that he paid over $1300Aussie to buy and ship it here.

    My quandry is I dont need one, (but having just written that, watch me get a stone chip next week). I may buy it as insurance, but he wants a big dollar for it.

    I have looked on feebay etc and there are none for sale. What do you think is a fair price if you were buying in USA? For those down under, make it $AUSSIE....

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    Bill, I don't have a clue as to what a value would be, but just thinking that while you are storing it until you must use it, the windshield just might make an interesting wall hanging or art deco back drop in a rec room or family room. Of course you'd have to proudly display one of the decals on it. If nothing else, you may want to consider buying it as an investment. Make sure you schedule it on your home owner's insurance policy.


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      Originally posted by Penelope View Post
      ...I have looked on feebay etc and there are none for sale. What do you think is a fair price if you were buying in USA?..
      Bill, don't buy it. We have a few sources for windshields, back, and side glass.

      I just spoke with Bob at Bob's Classic Auto Glass. He has them for US$300.00 in his Los Angeles warehouse. Of course, you would need to have it shipped by the company of your choice. All of his windshields (clear, tinted, etc.) are the same price.

      Click HERE for his site. I know this particular windshield doesn't appear on this page, but you can call Bob. His number is on his site.

      - Dave
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        What they said.

        What use to be really tough to locate, pay for and ship is now not so much.

        It use to be such a big deal having something imported from the USA to Down Under back in the 60's, 70's and even the 80' time has gone by the world has shrunk.

        When I was in my 20's I could only dream of visiting the USA, buying a car and then shipping it back to NZ and then DRIVING it here.
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          Bill, I wouldn't worry about it either especially if you have Comprehensive Insurance. Glass is generally covered so why get something like that when it's the Insurances job.
          Something that might come handy one day & I hope not, is a Squarebird Brand New Front Bumper listed on EBAY for around $1,000.

          Chris....From across the Nulla.

          PS The Dockers did a good job on the Crows.(My Wifes Team) I follow the Power. Aussie A.F.L.


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            Thanks for your thoughts gentlemen.....I am still in two minds depending on how much I can get it for. I know the insurance will cover it, but it is the down time whilst awaiting inporting of one that bothers me. I might offer say $300 and see what he says....

            And Chris, the Crows are my team too (member since the start in 1991) so you can imagine the ribbing I am getting living over here in the West....

            Worse still I was actually having dinner with a tenant of ours last night when the game was on and she is a Dockers fan.....boy did I eat and run! Still it is only round 1.
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