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WTB: window lower channel weatherstrip

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  • WTB: window lower channel weatherstrip

    Looking for the proper item that fits in the bottom lift channel for the door glass on a '58-'60. Need about 4 feet of it.

    U-shaped, with a rubber flap on the outer side, which would meet up with the belt-line weatherstrip when the window is fully closed.

    Birds Nest is back-ordered, and they dont know when they'll get more. I've already tried Larry's, Concoursparts, TB HQ, Dennis Carpenter, Classic auto Everyone I could think of...

    This is the last thing I need to finish my window overhaul.

    Bird's Nest calls it this:

    DOOR WINDOW BOTTOM RUN CHANNEL SEAL - This goes into the bottom of the door window frame before installing the glass. Sold by the foot.
    For 1958-60 it requires 2 feet per front window
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    WTB: window lower channel weatherstrip

    Did you try Bob's Bird House, Mac's, and John Draxler? If not, give them a shout.

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      It isnt looking good...

      Seems nobody has this item except Birds Nest

      Cant they just fire up the extruder and make some more?!!!?


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        A few years ago Home Depot sold a rubber material to be used as pond liner. The stuff would remind you of innertube rubber.

        I cut my window channel pieces out of that, and used Weldwood Contact Cement. As soon as I brushed it on, I shoved it, and the glass, down the channel. They all work just fine at a much cheaper cost.

        You're right about the 'apron'. Keep it on the outside of the glass. In fact, I made mine slightly longer to keep water off of the crank mechanisms. - Dave
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          I think I will just have to use standard glass tape and fabricate some sort of flap.

          The window guy this morning thought its' only purpose was to keep dirt and grit from getting on the rollers directly below.


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            Hi Dakota,

            My English translation left me on this one, is this close what you're looking for?

            Filler strip, door & quarter glass sash channel to glass. Replaces factory #8A-7021478. 3 foot per window or as required.
            • 1952-59: Full size Fords
            • 1955-66: Thunderbirds
            • 1960-70: Falcon & Comets
            • 1967-79: Fairlane, Torino, and Ranchero.
            70-1115-57.....$ 1.40/ft.

            Or maybe this is more like you described? (No T-Bird on this but then I've a clue what to look for):

            Channel, door glass lower rubber. Replaces factory #C5AZ-6221510-PR. Front or rear doors. 1 pair does 2 windows.
            • 1965-68: Full size Fords #54 4 dr. sedan; #62 2 dr sedan
            • 1966-69: Fairlane #54 4 dr. sedan, #62 2 dr. sedan, #66 Ranchero, #71 Station Wagon
            • 1966-70: Falcon and Ranchero.
            20-0240-58.....$ 18.80/pr.


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              source the source

              Try these guys looks like they handle a lot of the restoration supplies.

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                I remember getting some in the past from Bob Drake who is a big manufacturer of 32-48 stuff. I believe it was used on the 46-48 Fords, possibly using the 8A part number quoted by Dutchbird. My glass guy was unable to get it to seat uniformly and the results looked bad so I removed them.