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High putout alternator for 1960 Tbird

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  • High putout alternator for 1960 Tbird

    Hello everyone
    Does anyone know a trustable website that I can buy a high Putout alternator for 1960 thunderbird??
    I’ve bought power master changed it 3 times they were all bad test them even at the store they were only sending out 8 to 8.5 volts.
    Any other brand or website??

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    To my knowledge Powermaster is the only company that makes an alternator that m0unts in the original location. If you want a high output alternator you will have to get a standard alternator like a Ford 3G and change the mounting location using the C.R.A.P. FE alternator bracket.

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      Thank you sir


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        Make sure the alternator you buy puts out at least 25 amps AT IDLE SPEED. A 1-wire won't do because it puts out nothing until the engine reaches 1,500 rpm. The fan will then drain your battery if you're in a parade or a long cruise. eBay has a new 3G (130 amp for a '95 Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique) for under $65 with free shipping.

        Some of the new cars have 200 amp alternators. If your car came with an electric fan from the factory, it is already matched with the correct alternator. - Dave
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          Highly recommend one of these continuously variable speed fan controllers for any electric setup. Never see startup amps again, keeps engine temp in a more even range, and fan speed only runs at what it really needs (much lower than what you would think when it runs contiuously, but very slow).

          I've used one since 2006 on a hard core offroad rig that has dual taurus fans. Startup, a taurus fan usually draws over 60 amps, but even full song (with soft start) they only draw 22-24 amps. A lot more forgiving on your battery and alt setup.

          You can even get a knob (pot) to mount inside to vary the temp that you want the setup to maintain.
          (usefull if you ever want the fans to run faster overall than normal, like the mentioned parade or in my case, a
          difficult offroad obstacle that will create huge amounts of tranny heat).