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"Junior" Powercar Tbirds For Sale!

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  • "Junior" Powercar Tbirds For Sale!

    As mentioned in Anything Goes in the thread regarding "Junior" Tbirds, Pedal Cars, etc., here are the "Junior" Tbirds that I am aware of being offered for sale by a source of mine. She has authorized me to post the following information. Several are for bodies only, but two of them are nearly complete. To complete them and the others, get in contact with Brian Orr ~ JrCentral, by PM here on the Forum, the new owner of JrCentral "Junior" parts.. He may very well have the chassis, bumpers and other parts that you will need to put together a complete operational "Junior". This may be somewhat expensive to do, but it may be more cost effective than buying what very few presently are available out there in complete working condition. The very few operational ones I have seen are advertised for sale for $4000-$5000. Check the JrCentral Facebook page for what else they may know to be available now. Ailine has sold and shipped a good number of "Juniors" they have owned to buyers around the world. These are the last she has available for sale. I assume that though the colors that are available below are not what you might be looking for, you could have them painted to match your Tbird...Here is the list that I have confirmed with her that she has available for sale right now. Unfortunately, she has NO "Junior" Mustangs for sale...

    Ailine Chambers in California has the following "Junior" Tbirds for sale. All Battery Powered-No Battery. Her Phone #: 562-716-9599.

    1 1955 Yellow Babybird Body, no parts - slight fiberglass crack, easily repaired. $500
    1 1957 Red Babybird Body, no parts, $750.
    1 1959 White Squarebird Chassis & Body needs missing headlight, bumpers, and battery to be operational, $1500.
    1 Red 1959 Squarebird Chassis & Body better condition. All it needs is bumpers, and Battery to be operational, $2000.
    1 1961 Red Bulletbird Body - rough, $500.

    Buy one, or Buy all. Prices are set for sale. Plus packaging and shipping. Will deliver to LA area shipper for packaging and shipping to buyer. Here are what pix that she has sent me...

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    If anyone is looking for a turn key 1st gen junior, one is in texas at the link below. There is also a red 3rd gen in Canada currently too!*s-R
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