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Wanted: 1960 Thunderbird (May also consider a 1964, or 1994-1995 SC)

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  • Wanted: 1960 Thunderbird (May also consider a 1964, or 1994-1995 SC)

    A family member asked me to tow a car from Buffalo NY to Mississippi. I see no sense in coming back with an empty trailer. By chance does anyone have a project 60 (58 and 59's are NOT of interest.... Maybe, Maybe a 64, or 94/95 SC) for sale somewhere within reason of Columbus Ohio, Louisville Kentucky, Nashville or Memphis Tennessee, or Mississippi. I may consider veering off course a few hundred miles if the right item is put forth for consideration. I'll consider whatever someone had. In an ideal world (which this is not), I'd find a very solid convertible project. The reason I keep saying project is that I want to be in a $5,000-$8,000 budget range. I'm ok with needing mechanical work, even paint and interior. I am not interested in cars rusted to where any patching or metal work would be needed for restoration. Already have two solid birds, a hardtop 60 from Montana and a sunroof 60 out of Utah via a stay in Iowa. I would now like a convertible, however, I would still consider another hardtop or sunroof. Show me what you have for sale! I am not looking to spend anything north of $10,000, so no need to upsell to me. Again, already have two 1960 birds. I know the squarebird market and am not expecting a golden nugget for my price range. I'm realistic, and motivated to buy if you are motivated to sell. The other two 1960 birds already in the family are road worthy and driven regularly (excluding winter), so I am ok with a project now. Please feel free to respond on this thread with pictures if possible.

    If you happen to see a local ad for one on FB marketplace, Craiglist, etc., please feel free to drop a hyperlink as a reply to this post.

    ***(Only those four years are of interest, unless someone if practically giving away something to a good home)***
    Jim Kowal
    Thunderbird Registry #82613

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    Dear Kowalj04

    I don't visit this website much anymore since I have not been able to do anything with my 60 Tbird since I parked it two years ago. It is an original car which I bought in 1983 with the hopes of making it into a nice daily driver. I did get it road worthy and drove it off and on for many years.
    As usual, time slips by all of us and the ability and ambition diminishes. I see that you were looking to purchase a 1960 back in January of this year.
    My car, like a said, is an original 60 hardtop model with A/C and power steering and brakes.
    I believe the car originally came out of SC. I bought it in Athens, Ga and now it resides in S Ga about 4 miles from the Ga/Fla line.
    It is in good condition for 61 years old. Just needs the attention that I can't give it right now.
    I also purchased another similar 1960 A/C parts car years ago to move my project along and have a supply of original parts.

    Anyhow, long story short, my cars are For Sale if you are still looking or if you know of any other Squarebird fancier.

    You can respond if interested to this message.

    Thanks for you time.
    God Bless


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      Hello, rmahoney, how much do you ask for the car? And is it possible to see some pictures? I am a big Thunderbird enthusiast and love to spend time in the garage working on multiple projects at the same time. Would love to see the car at a convenient time. And as a funny coincidence, I want to keep it and take care of it at my property in Athens so we can say that your car is going back home. Please let me know when it would be convenient for you to meet and see the car together.


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        See your messages for response