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Looking For A New Or Good Used AC/Heater Motor

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  • Looking For A New Or Good Used AC/Heater Motor

    Matt Thomas ~ Mtbird57, not to far from me, is looking for a replacement for the AC/Heater motor on his '60 J-Code Squarebird. He says the motor seems to be weak in operation and he is at the point where he is ready to replace it, IF he can find one. I am helping him locate one, and Draxler is looking to see if he has one, and Carl, I gather, does not. So I gave him some other contacts to check with. John ~ jopizz, can you provide me with the Ford Part Number of that AC/Heater Motor over on the passenger side of the firewall? If I knew that, I can look nationwide on the used parts websites and see who has one. I will see if I can dig it out of the Ford Parts Catalog, but you might know it off the top of your head. Does anyone know of anyone who rebuilds this unit? That would be helpful also.... I did try looking through the '60-'64 Ford Parts Catalog, but could not find the Ford Part # for this motor... Thunderbird Connection has a Heater Blower Motor available for 1958-1960 Squarebirds. Part # 19805-A-B8S. MAC Auto Parts has one for 1960-67 Part #: 60-12120-1 Alt Part #: 18527-1773 Price: $74.99 ea. Is this what we need?
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    I did a search back in 2014 using the number C0SF-19805-A which is listed as the blower motor for A/C 58-9 and 1960 Thunderbird. It took me in many directions: AC Delco 15-8110 and also 12306580 and 4 Seasons 35502. None of these matched the Ford one in size or number of wires, but they could be used. In my search of the Ford books I also came up with alternates: C0AF-18504-C, Replaced by C0DZ-18527-A; B8E-18527-A; B8E18527-B which had gone obsolete. I did find one of those #'s used on Sterling Truck (Ford sold their Heavy Duty line to them some many years ago). I was never able to find a pic of these alternates but some of them were also replacements for non A/C applications.
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      The one Mac's lists for $74.99 is for non-AC cars. They do have a generic one for $139.99 for AC cars that will probably work but doesn't look factory. Like most motors it can be taken apart and repaired. Slow operation may be just corrosion around the shaft or most likely worn brushes.

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        Squarebird (and other Ford heater motors from those years) have two separate field windings (Red and Orange) for Fast & Slow speeds and an armature wire (Black). The motor also has a separate ground wire.

        Instead of using an OEM motor with field windings, you can use a two-wire (permanent magnet) motor like most cars use today. They are much cheaper. With the use of a resistor (on the Red or 'slow speed' wire), simply connect both red and orange together on the motor side of the resistor. Tie them to the new motor's 'power' wire. The other motor lead goes to ground.

        Most heater motor resistors are hiden inside the heater duct. That way, air flowing over the resistor will cool it, allowing a much smaller size resistor to pass the same wattage as a large resistor. - Dave
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          As I recall, when we were working on my AC/Heater control system, there was a problem with it in working properly. We did not have two speed power. The schematic showed the resistor in the line, and we looked for that resister to check it. We found it, as Dave said, in the heater duct, and checked it and it was bad. Replacing it with the identical resistor called for in the schematic, gave us our Hi/Low power setting back, as I recall. So far, the only used one I have found that the seller claims is the right AC/Heater motor, can be expensive. They are asking $150 for it plus the shipping... I have some more feelers out there that I am waiting answers on.

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