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    I am clearing out used parts from my 1959 convertible. Before I scrap them, I thought I would list them here giving the part name, part number, and condition. The parts are free but you pay the shipping; no returns. I can provide further information and a picture if you are interested; send your email address. Kim

    spring shackles, 2 only (#5630), fair
    motor mounts, (#6038), poor
    GONE brake booster, (#2005AX), unknown
    R duct assy, ventilator outlet, (#01934), good
    L duct assy, " " , (#01935), good
    GONE valve assy, heater air, (#14042) good
    GONE blower housing (#19930), w/ plate fan motor mount (#19833), good
    GONE blower fan, AC/heater, (#18527), works
    GONE squirrel cage (set screw missing), (#18504), good
    GONE air inlet door, (#14113), good, w/ control rod (#19476), good
    GONE brackets, clamp assy, blower to AC evap (#19618), good
    GONE thermostat, evap temp control, (#19618), unknown
    GONE mounting bracket, AC compressor, (#2882), good
    AC compressor body only (pully/clutch, (#19703) and valves GONE)
    brake pedal rubber pad, fair
    front brake drum, 2, (#60055), fair
    rear brake drum, 1, (#60055), fair
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    Hi Kimmc, I saw your 59 T- Bird free parts list. I have a 59 that could use most everything listed. Give me a call at 850-936-7646 I have a few questions. Bob C13 Flying T- Bird.


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      Any door parts? Left and right door glass track needed


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        Capt46; No glass track. Sorry