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Very Rare White/Red/White '56 Mexican Babybird 4 Sale

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  • Very Rare White/Red/White '56 Mexican Babybird 4 Sale

    Comments from Jack ~ 1967bigblock.

    Interested in selling outright the White/Red/White Interior '56 Mexican assembled Babybird. I just bought a USA '56 Thunderbird Green Babybird that can be driven now. This Tbird appears to have originally been painted Thunderbird Green and probably had the matching green/white interior. The '56 Mexican assembled Babybird is indeed one of the rarest Tbirds made.

    Comments by Ray ~ YellowRose.

    History of the 1955-1957 Babybirds assembled in the La Villa Mexico City Ford plant..

    91 1956 Tbirds were shipped to Ford’s La Villa assembly plant in Mexico City, where they were given serial numbers which included ‘MEX’ in place of the Dearborn Assembly Plant's “F” code. Of these 91, 9 were built with 292/3speed, 33 with 312/Ford-O-Matic, and 49 with 312/Overdrive (Sources: Early Bird, Sep-Oct ’93, p. 25)

    So it was a 312 and only 33 of them with the Ford-O-Matic tranny were made there, making it very rare. IF it was a 312/Ford-O-Matic with Overdrive only 49 of them were made there, which still makes it rare, combined with the original Green Color. Dave Tulowitzky has this 1956 Tbird in his Tbird Registry. He also said that according his records it was for sale in 2001, in Ft. Worth, and then again in 2016. So a previous owner must have been in Ft. Worth, sold it to someone else in Ft. Worth and it stayed there til Jack bought it, I gather. She may be the ONLY 1956 Mexican Tbird with the Thunderbird Green color. Or one of a very few of them, because Thunderbird Green was not a popular color. There is no recorded history remaining, that anyone is aware of, that tells you how many Tbirds back then were painted in which colors. In 1956, it was not called Sage Green according to the records I have seen, but Paint Code Z, Thunderbird Green.

    Contact info: Jack Meeker ~ 1967bigblock <> - Phone # 207-329-3361 - Location of '56 Mexican Babybird - Maine.

    Jacks comments: I bought the 56 bird because I believed it to be a rare car with Mex data plate and a 312 with a manual transmission. It is all there, correct engine and components, transmission, cont. kit even the hubcaps but the interior was changed to red & white, gauges and speedometer converted to US mph etc., but the rest of the dash and shifter is correct. I pulled the gas tank, drained the gas, flushed the system installed new fuel pump, somewhat cleaned the original teapot carb (I am not familiar with them at all) and got it running and driving. Flushed the cooling system and added new anti-freeze because it does get cold here. Pressure washed it and cleaned it up and put it away for the Winter and have not touched it since. I found the green spot while it was up on the lift and took a picture of it. That was about the only bright spot of the car as that has always been my favorite T Bird color. Car also has the porthole hardtop with it but no soft top frame. The glass rear window is missing. Obviously it is a 3 speed manual but there is an electric overdrive on the transmission with the wires cut, so I assume they just did not add it to the newer interior. Jack

    It IS registered also in John Rotella's Tbird Registry. Registry #63015
    VIN # P6MEXH102568
    Year - 1956
    Body Style - Convertible
    Trim Level Name Codes 40A -
    Engine - 312 V-8
    Assembly Plant - La Villa, Mexico

    Here are a few Pictures: Don't let the VIN # picture throw ya! That is how the Data Plate on the Mexican assembled Babybirds look like... I complied this ad for Jack and provided you with some history of the 1955-1957 Mexican assembled Babybirds. (Ray).
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    Car to be sold to best reasonable offer, Jack