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1959 J-code for sale

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  • 1959 J-code for sale


    The plan was to retire and work on cars. The reality is retire and have so many irons in so many fires that car work is no more than a dream. It is time to move my J-code on to someone who can give it the attention it needs. It was "Miss October" in the 2010 calendar (picture with fall color tree). I also have the ROT sheet and a current picture posted. After 10 years with little work on it the rocker panels need replacing and there is some other work that she needs. It does run pretty well though and just passed the required NYS safety inspection. Probably the best way to get information is via the Craigs listing in Albany, NY. I'll see if I can provide a link to the Craigs list ad.

    My asking price is $6,750.00.

    518 495-2692
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    Sorry to hear about selling the Bird Vern. Without looking at it, it seems like a steal for anyone buying it at that price.

    Wishing you the best.

    Chris.....From OZ.


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      Thanks Chris,

      Don't feel too sorry for me though. I'm keeping my 1960 J-code Golde top and bought this car to replace the '59!


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        Vern so what you are really saying is you just changed ladies The new lady is a beauty..
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          She's sold. It went to a local restorer who plans on returning her to original condition. He stated he would work on it over the winter and plan on painting in the spring. He's close enough that I can go see it when finished. His plan is to paint it the correct nameplate color.



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            Hi Vern, congratulations on finding a new owner. If you have not told him about our Forum, please do, so we can assist him in restoring her to her original condition, tell him where to find parts at, acquaint him with the TRL, etc...

            Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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