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Bumper Jack needed.

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    RE: Bumper Jack needed.

    > Hi again JBird I checked several Ford experts & the 2 jacks
    >I have are both 100% correct for all 1958 Thru 1960
    >Thunderbirds even for some other Ford models. They are both
    >complete but I need one so if you are still looking for a
    >jack I want to put A\C in my car I know a jack is not worth
    >an entire A\C system but a guy can wish. :-) I am going to
    >try and get the parts I need & as of this moment I have NONE
    >so if this jack is what you want then you can of course just
    >buy it, or trade what A\C part or parts it is worth to you.
    >You can E-Mail me here if you are interested.
    > Take Care Signed Tony. :-)

    Tony I have extra IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND A/C parts you will need. I should say very hard to find. All original parts off a 58-60 T-Bird .I'll help you out with a trade. I have just about a full spare system less one piece of under dash duct that goes to the A/C output above the radio. No biggy it's hidden under the dash and made from stiff cardboard. I also don't have a spare drier/accumulator, compressor mount for a 352 or a condensor but I do have one for a 430. Other than that I have a spare correct finned compressor, 3 of 4 needed lines (the short line from the compressor to the drier is missing because I don't have a spare but I can let you see mine and get measurements to get one made.), compressor clutch, fiberglass enclosure for the evaporator, A/C blower with the dropping resistor for 2 speed operation, temp control switch that operates the compressor clutch, R-12 expansion valve, original evaporator, A/C "Select-Aire CONDITIONER" for your center console and the A/C vent with the cover for your dash. Let's make a deal. I'm cash poor and parts heavy. Need 430 parts? Camshaft ready to run?



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      RE: Bumper Jack needed.

      Hi Dave I will take a picture of the jack to make sure this is the one you want. Next can you E-Mail me at so I can E-Mail the photo to you along with my phone # so we can get better details like the way you want this shipped & to where. I am now back in Florida I was in New York for a month. I do not have your E-Mail address or I would have E-Mailed you sooner. I am 95% sure this is the jack you want I will also send you the best one. Hope to hear from you soon Take Care Signed Tony. :-)