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  • Incredible 1960 Body Parts

    Hey guys, I just found this forum but many of you already know me. I just bought an incredible rolling 1960 body shell at an estate auction. The car is absolutely rust free and if it were more complete and I didn't need doors, hood, and trunk for my 59 J code I would do this one in a heartbeat but that the way it goes. This car has no rust or body damage beyond door dings and appears to be original paint too. It really is a georgous car but all the trim and glass were removed as well as the wiring and interior (except seats) for restoration and then the guy died and nobody knows where the parts are so I bought it at the estate auction as it will save me many hours of sanding and fixing on my car which had been paint stripped and left sitting so it is a mass of surface rust now (but even my old stuff may qualify as nice enough to use as there is no rustout anywhere). I have all four fenders and floors available along with front and rear suspension. If you are looking for the cleanest nicest you can get then these are it. I have not cut anything yet so I can do it to the dimensions you need. I will take money(DUH!) or trades for parts and I am looking for sun ray caps or nice centers to put on my standard caps, a windshield washer pump for the generator, a power seat switch, possibly a continental spare setup, all upholstery for a black cloth 59, 2 original wheels, a correct spotlight, and really nice chrome/trim that may be better or nicer than mine. Hawkrod

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    RE: Incredible 1960 Body Parts

    I have a set of original Ford wheels in really good shape.
    I do need a set of rear leaf springs if they are in good shape with the shackles and such.

    you can email me if you are interesred.
    '60 hardtop


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      RE: Incredible 1960 Body Parts

      I went and got the car out of the warehouse it has been inside of for the last 25 years yesterday and discovered it is not original paint as I had thought, just the parts I had looked at had been stripped to bare metal before repaint so it didn't look like more than one coat where there were scratches. Once I had it in the light it was obvious it was a repaint and has some body work here and there. It is still a rust free California car and turned out to have quite a few parts laying inside under the seats! Turned into a better deal than I had hoped. I will check out the rear spings and get back to you probably at the begining of next week. Hawkrod

      Here is a picture I took last night when I got home:

      [img src=""][/img]


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