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John Draxler ~ Thunderbird Ranch

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  • John Draxler ~ Thunderbird Ranch

    Thunderbird Ranch is located in Wisconsin - Owner - John Draxler - - 715-884-6546 from 9 to 8 central time (please)

    Here is some additional information regarding how to contact him that I received today. The best way to contact him is not by telephone, because he is often not near it, but by email. He will get back to you as soon as he can. He also said that he still has a lot of Squarebird parts and parts for other years also. In addition, he said to tell you that if you are having problems with that space age 1960 convertible top, to contact him. His kit that he provides will end the problems you are having with it. Check out his website about that, and contact him. He will be glad to help you troubleshoot it.
    Jul 4 7:57 PM

    John also has an eBay account listing a lot of interesting parts from 1958 Tbirds and up, including parts for other years and makes of cars. For those looking for one, he has a 1960 Golde Top Handle for the Sunroof! Here is the link to his eBay account.

    On his website you find the information on his new Front Disc Brake conversion kit and the parts that come with it for 1958-1964 Tbirds! He also has a Rear Disc Brake setup too. You will find that below his section on 14" rims and where and how to look for disc brake capable 14" rims.

    Don't forget to check out his Blog also! He is now marketing his new Squarebirds Dual MC/Dual Brake Booster kit, with the mounting bracket and the same kit with the mounting bracket that clears the AC Plenum box. You will find the information and the costs for both kits on the Blog now. Here is the link to that...

    It pays to Network and ask questions! The "BloodHound" strikes again! John just gave me great information regarding the availability of Golde Top parts!

    John has just informed me that he has quite a few Golde Top Sunroof parts! He also said that there are some of the more intricate ones that he makes himself and machines them. He said that if you are looking for Golde Top parts to send him good pictures of what you are looking for and he will tell you if he has them. Your best bet in getting him is to send him an email. Here are 4 pix of parts that he has or makes... The first pic is the Cup. The second pic is a part that he does not know the name of, but if you own a Golde Top, you will recognize that part. The 3rd pic is of the 3 stanchions that support the Wind Bar. The 4th pic is the Wind Bar itself. The OEM Wind Bar is nearly impossible to find. He also said these metal parts were made of pot metal and will and do break. He makes them from brass, just like Paul Willson was making the "lifters" before he sold all he had. So these should hold up well for years. John makes them individually, so this is not mass production... The cost for the Wind Bar and stanchions is $495 plus shipping.

    John also markets the New Design Relay System for the 1960 Tbird and up! This system replaces that OEM system that has given 1960 Tbird owners and up fits over the decades. Here is a video of how it operates which was just posted by Bill ~ Capt46. He just installed one in about two hours on his '60 Squarebird and could not be more pleased.

    DSC00444.jpegIMG_2611.jpeg102_0381.jpegwindbr1.jpeg +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ John R. Draxler Thunderbird Ranch 7158 Co. Rd. B, Pittsville, WI 54466 ph 715-884-6546 fax 715-884-6720 jdrax@...
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