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Scarebird Classic Brakes

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  • Scarebird Classic Brakes

    Scarebird Classic Brakes ~


    Note: Due to Workload Phone Orders are suspended! Use email.
    Phone (orders ony!): 805.387.4132
    Hours: Tue-Fri 10-2pm MST

    To see what is new for Ford cars including Tbirds, click on the Ford link.

    ATTN: Kelsey-Hayes or TrueSpoke wire wheel owners! Mark has just informed me that they have tested their new Scarebirds disc brake mounting bracket and kit on the K-H/Truespoke wire wheels and it WORKS! So those of you who have not gone the front disc conversion route because of your K-H/Truespoke wire wheels, or 14" OEM rims, here is your way to do this... No longer will you have to round up disc brake ready rims, or upgrade rims and tires to 15" or bigger... Mark said it was not easy to develop, but they did...
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