Paul Willson, Golde Top Parts
29760 Oliver Walcott Dr,
Hillsboro, DE 19966
Phone: 302-945-0571, Cell 201-481-4401
Paul sells both the lock handle cup as well as the sunroof panel 'lifts'. These 'lifts' raise the rear of the sunroof panel upon closing. His 'lifts' are made from brass rather than pot metal.

I just spoke with Paul regarding the Golde Top parts he has. The lock handle cup is an exact replica made from the OEM lock handle cup and sells for $35. He has sold 15-20 or so of those and still has some stock of them.The sunroof panel "lifts" are also made from the OEM ones, but his are made of brass instead of pot metal, as Harry and he said. At the moment, he is out of stock. Except the ones he kept to have more made from but is arranging to have more of them made. These are the ONLY parts that he has for the Golde Top.

He does have some additional Tbird items for sale though. Here are the pix he sent me.
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