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Rear Counter Auto Parts Marketplace~National Parts Search Engine

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  • Rear Counter Auto Parts Marketplace~National Parts Search Engine

    I was speaking with Vince at Dennis Carpenter NOS Parts today regarding some tranny parts I was looking for one of our overseas Tbird owners. In the course of our conversation, Vince told me about Rear Counter Auto Parts Marketplace. It is a website that you can list Tbird parts you have for sale, OR you can Search for Tbird parts you are looking for! If you know the Ford Part #, or a description of it, type it in the Search engine, and it will tell you every company that it knows of that has that part in Stock! Had I known about it over the last 10 years, it could have saved me many days of searching for hard to find parts for our membership, and it will certainly now that I know of it! Below is the link to it. Check it out, and if you are looking for a particular Ford Part # (or maybe any other company) type it in and see what it tells ya! If you do not see the Search link, click on the Right arrow and it should come up. There is a List option and the Search option.
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