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CVR Replacement & Expansion Tank Repairs

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  • CVR Replacement & Expansion Tank Repairs

    I need to clarify something below. The services that Dave offers are for those who would like to become Paid Members or who are already Paid Members of this Forum. This is one of the many benefits Paid Members receive when they become one. Those benefits are explained in the Membership Benefits & Webspace Information at the top of the Forum....

    The next time your CVR unit goes out, do NOT buy the old OEM version available to us still. Instead, send yours to our Webmaster, Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected. He will replace it with his solid state version built into your defunct CVR case, guaranteed not to fail and send it back to you. Dave will give you a special discount if you become a Paid Member of this Forum. You can email him, call him or send him a Private Message for full details.

    Dave has also posted that rather than sending your failed Expansion Tank to someone else to repair, send it to him. He will repair and modify it so that it will not expand to the extent that it causes it to leak again. For further details, contact him

    Dave Dare
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