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    One of my many contacts gave me this great website link to assist us in searching for hard to find parts for our classic cars. You can search for any make or model of car, from AMC Ambassador to Yugo and by year. From 1900-2020!

    Car Parts Search Engine - USA, Canada or Mexico.
    If you are looking for a particular part that has been hard to find, you can search for it in one of the three countries above. Apparently, it will not work for other countries around the world. Bring up this website.

    In the 200 Million Car - Parts box enter the year of the car you are looking for parts for. Example:

    In Select Make/Model click on:
    Ford Thunderbird
    In Select Part you have a whole range of parts to search through. Let's say you are searching for a replacement front bumper assembly for your 1960 Squarebird. Click on Bumper Assembly (Front)
    In the All Areas section, if searching only in the USA, click on USA. Or if looking only in Canada, click on it. Click on Mexico if you are only looking in that country.
    In the next block you can sort by:
    Distance/Select Sort
    Part Grade
    Damage Units/Miles
    or Year.
    I set it to search by Year, but it is your choice.
    The last block is Enter Postal Code:
    I entered my own zip code.

    Click on the Search button and a box comes up that gives you the opportunity to search for that part using Ford Thunderbird and similar models. Leave the bullet there, unless you wish to search only Ford Thunderbird 1960. I put the bullet in the latter.

    Click on that Search button and if there are companies who have that part, the next page will come up and show you details about it, who has it in stock, and contact information. I had selected to search for a Bumper Assembly (Front) and it gave me a list of who had it and who to contact. If it does not find that part, a page will come up that allows you to contact them to assist you in searching for it. You will recieve this message below and can complete the boxes to request a search for that part among many other recylcers. could not match your request.
    You can submit your request to hundreds of recyclers who may still have your part.

    This is how the website works and it might be a great source in finding hard to find parts. I have been helping a possible new user search for parts for his 1979 Tbird FMX floor shifter tranny. As an example of how this Search engine works, here is what I found in using in my search...
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    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
    The Terminator..... VTCI #11178
    Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or Call (Cell) 210-875-1411

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    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
    The Terminator..... VTCI #11178
    Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or Call (Cell) 210-875-1411