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Wiseco Automobile Forged Pistons & Performance Parts

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  • Wiseco Automobile Forged Pistons & Performance Parts

    Wiseco is a well established company with over 75 years of experience that makes quality custom forged pistons for 430MEL engines. I encourage every Bulldozer restorer to buy pistons from Wiseco because they stand behind their products and they can customize pistons to your liking. - Dave ~ simplyconnected.

    Certain sections on the left side of their website are not functioning properly at the moment. So if you have questions regarding 430MEL pistons or other parts, there is a Custom Piston Form you can complete and send to the company with your questions. You will find it on the webpage listed below this. It is located on the far right side of that webpage. Click on Custon Piston Form to download it to your PC. I am told for "Make" put 430MEL. If you have a Stock Head or Stock piston you want to upgrade from just write STOCK or OEM on the Specific Cylinder Head: line of the form and the other information listed below that. You will need to provide them with Comp. Ht. and Bore information. If they do not have enough information indicated on the form, they will contact you. It is not necessary to send them one of your pistons.

    Contact Info: 800-321-1364 or 440-951-6600. When asked which division you wish to speak to, state: Automotive. When you do one of their employees who are well versed in the subject of 430MEL equipment will pick up your call.

    You can also email them at:

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