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RockAuto-Now Offers Batteries!

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  • RockAuto-Now Offers Batteries!

    RockAuto Now Offers Batteries!

    If you drive a 30+ year old car, waiting to replace the battery until it is eight years old and can barely spin the starter risks leaving you stranded. With a modern vehicle, a dying battery also may accelerate wear on an electrical/charging system that is already working overtime to cope with numerous computers, multiple fuel injectors per cylinder, entertainment systems, heated seats, electric power steering and/or other electronics. Do you really want that kind stranger to jump-start your computer-laden 2013 Dodge Durango with her trusty 1980 Ford Bronco? Replacing the battery should be routine preventative maintenance instead of exciting crisis management.

    RockAuto now offers ACDelco, Deka, Exide and Motorcraft AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries! 4X4 enthusiasts and racing teams have long relied on AGM batteries to withstand extreme vibrations off-road and on the track. AGM batteries are now an affordable, dependable, durable and safer battery for daily-drivers as well. A leaking traditional flooded lead-acid battery could always cause damage under the hood. Many newer cars have the battery mounted in the trunk (boot) or interior where leaks can create a whole new set of problems.

    Lasting up to twice as long as a comparable flooded lead-acid battery, you can be assured you will get great value from your AGM battery - especially at RockAuto's reliably low prices!

    To see the Battery options we have for your specific vehicle, go to the RockAuto catalog and click on the "Electrical" category. Order a replacement AGM battery today and avoid getting stranded out in the cold. (AGM batteries are extremely heat tolerant as well!)
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    Robin's 2010 Escape needs a battery. Her OEM battery lasted seven years!

    Upon removal of the battery and its covers, the Motorcraft label revealed 'AGM' which means, Absorbed Glass Mat design. This is different from conventional lead acid batteries. The charging system is also specific for this battery, so don't use a standard battery charger. Unattended, it will overcharge and ruin the AGM battery. Also, don't use it in your classic car. AGM batteries are strictly used to replace original AGM batteries.

    Expect this from AGM batteries:
    •Product life lasts up to two times longer (ours lasted 7)
    •Extremely heat and cold tolerant (great in Michigan)
    •Ideal for vehicles equipped with lots of electronics (heated seats, navigation system, parking assist)
    •Durable - Outstanding vibration resistance
    •Safer - No free-flowing electrolyte or spill hazard

    Now I notice, MANY companies offer AGM batteries. They last twice as long but the price is not twice as high. So, it's still a good deal. I can see the prices lowering in future as more competitors emerge.

    This battery line is so new for Rock Auto, I couldn't find one listed for our car. I found them when searching the top tabs for :
    Tools and Universal Parts

    You will need your group number at this point because none of them show fitment (yet). I'm sure RA will enter these under the correct specific vehicles, later. - Dave
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