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America To Europe Tbird/Parts Shipping

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  • America To Europe Tbird/Parts Shipping

    Here is the information that I have been provided with so far, regarding shipping Tbirds and parts to our European Tbird owners. As I receive more information, I will add it to this thread.
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    Speed Monkey Cars~The Netherlands

    Tbird parts and services in The Netherlands. In response to an email I sent out to all 100 of our European Tbird owners, I received a reply from Nick Wolsink from Speed Monkey Cars. Members can also offer me their cars any time they like, I buy at least one Tbird every month (58-66)

    Speed Monkey Cars
    Barchemseweg 82
    7261 DE | Ruurlo
    0031 573-441191
    0031 6-51873342

    He said "I make a living importing Tbirds and parts from the USA to the Netherlands. The cars are sold over entire Europe. Now for the parts, we have Tbird parts shipments monthly or more, I very often combine parts for several customers into one shipment to cut costs. I put large parts such as windshields etc. inside the cars when I ship them from the USA to Holland. I also stock quite a lot of parts (new and used ) in Holland and I work closely together with the Birds Nest ( you can ask Fred). Speed Monkey Cars can basically help out all European Tbird Owners with all Tbird related stuff."

    Nick is on Facebook and said he has posted our Squarebirds Forum on his Facebook and website: You can use Google Translate to translate the webpages.
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      ShopUSA~USA To Europe Tbird/Parts Shipping

      From Anders Eklof ~ Sweden.


      "I use a company called “ShopUSA” for purchases from the United States. It saves money and effort in the shipping and customs paperwork. To use their services, one has to register with them and provide the address in Sweden to which one wants the goods to be shipped. They then assign one a unique personal address in Virginia to which all purchases are sent. They take care of all the middle man work. Shipping arrangements, customs paperwork and charges and all that stuff is taken care of. Very convenient. They ship goods for multiple customers both in large containers and by air for smaller packages."

      If you were to contact them to ship cars/parts to Europe from the US, here is their USA website.

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        Shipping To Norway & Other European Countries

        The following information was submitted by Gunnar Svennevik Thunderbird owner, Norway.

        "I know a little about how to get heavy or big parts and even cars to Norway. To avoid using flight freight there is mainly two ways to do this. You can use a shipping company that have specialized for both air and ground transportation from USA and in my case, to Norway. The second way is to talk to a company that import and sells car parts from US in Norway and use their transportation solution.

        In Norway there is at least two Norwegian companies that have specialized themselves for transportation of cars and parts from US to Norway. Both companies offer that you can ship your parts to their address in US. They will take care of shipping, tax, paperwork etc. When the parts arrives Norway you will first have to pay them for the transportation and taxes, then you can choose to retrieve your parts at their transit warehouse or they can offer to ship them to your address. Both companies have an internet site that unfortunately for you, are designed for Nordic Languages only. (You can use Google Translate to translate these websites.)

        The company I usually use is named Ship-A-Long. You will find their web site and address here:

        They are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This company also offers to go and check quality of cars you may be interested in buying. They also offer to carry out the purchase process for you and do the local transport the car to their shipping site. This company also has a connection to the Norwegian US car club” Amcar Norge” (American car club of Norway).

        JetCarrier is another company that offers almost the same as Ship-A-Long, but also ship to Sweden and Denmark. They are located in New Jersey and their internet site will probably tell you next to nothing:

        This will probably tell you more:

        It’s possible that transportation from Norway or from another European country could be arranged by one or both of these companies. The best will probably be to contact them and discuss possible solutions.

        The second way to import parts from US, is to talk to a company that sells US parts in Norway. They have often a weekly shipping of a container with parts and often there is free space in these containers. You can do a deal with them and ship your parts to their shipping agent in US and the pick your part at your local Norwegian company a couple of weeks later. But it might be difficult to find a company like this in Russia…"

        To find out which of our major Tbird parts stores here in the US ship to Europe, you will have to contact them and ask. I already know that the Bird Nest is one that does, and I would think that many others located in the US do also. (YellowRose)
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          Tbird Windshield Manufacturer ~ Finland

          Classic Car Windshield Manufacturer ~ Finland ~ Courtesy of Petri Heinonen in Finland!

          Kuttilan Autolasi ~ Can make about anything. They have hundreds of molds. Well known company here, nobody orders glass abroad. They ship windshields and side windows all over the world.

          Kuttilan Autolasi
          Saarentie 157
          25340 Kanunki
          phone: (dial exactly like this from outside Finland) +358 2 7347673
          fax: +358 2 7347683

          Apparently, they do not have a website or an email address. Petri said this: The owner is kinda old school know paper and pencil style. There is a Facebook entry though.

          They manufacture the following windshields for Tbirds: '55-'57 450€; '58-'60 500€; '61-'63 450€; '64-'66 380€. Prices without VAT (24% in Finland).

          The following is comments from a satisfied Kuttilan Autolasi customer who ordered a windshield from them for his classic '55 car.

          "I have replaced the windscreen of my 55 Windsor with one freshly manufactured by Kuttilan Autolasi in Finland for the amazing price of 250 euros plus 45 euros for the "bombproof" crate, it took me 45 minutes to unpack the glass because of how sturdy the wood box was.

          The ordering process went really smooth thanks to a Finnish "forwardlooker" that helped me in contacting them and in finding a carrier (many thanks again Jouni!).

          The glass was manufactured in record time, even earlier than the supposed delivery date. Luckily they already had the mould for 55 Chryslers so I haven't had to make and send the mould, once they got the money it only took few days to have it made.

          Fitting was excellent, I have compared it to the old one before installing it and it was a perfect match.

          The green tint is a very close match to the original Solex, I cannot see any difference.

          The only visible differences from the original glass is their modern logo in one of the corners, and a 4" wide darker green band on top of the windshield that I think was not available in '55, however I like how it looks and I am happy with it.

          Finally a company that is a pleasure to do business with!"

          The above comments came from a Forum member in the UK. I also saw other very favorable comments regarding this company.

          Finally, Petri just sent me this information!

          "Here's the guys. They are actually farmers, and as you can see, it's not a "factory". But the products are top-quality!"

          And here is their picture!
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            Additional Shipping To Europe Info

            Submitted by Malcolm Brown ~ Uk Mal. With reference to your email, I have shipped various cars and parts from the USA to the UK. The company I use are based in the UK but ship from all over the states. They have contacts based in the states so can and have arranged collection from most states to the nearest ports and then ship all over the world.

            My contact is Jamie Hill, from Hill Shipping. All the contact details are on his website, I cannot recommend this company enough. I once had goods arrive damaged, he arranged and sorted out full compensation, all about excellent customer service.

            One of the shipping companies he uses (and the company that have dealt with all my imports both from the east and west coasts) are West Coast Shipping. They can ship pretty much from anywhere to anywhere. Again all their details are on their website. Again from experience they are highly recommended and the only company that I would be happy to deal with my shipping needs. If I can be of any further assistance then please feel free to drop me a line.

            Submitted by Gunnar Haraldsson ~ Sweden

            "I'll tell you the story about shipping a bike from the States to Jebel Ali port in Dubai. I shipped my Big Dog K9 bike from Dallas overseas to Dubai port with the shipping company below, Globe Express. They did a great job, bike arrived after 5 weeks almost on appointed date, the bike was safely packed in a wooden crate and all smaller parts as sissy bar, pillion seat, mirrors, a leather bag and some other small stuff was all well packed in cardboard boxes and placed in the crate along with the bike. The important bike documents (title) and the keys were sent by airfreight DHL. I had a very good communication with a Mr. Adrian at Globe Express all the way from when they picked up the bike at Rick Fairless StrokersDallas bike shop, in Dallas. All paper works was taken care of from their side - very convenient. Yes, I know the shipping company is a bit far from the coast but it might be of an interest, though.

            Adrian Fielder, Export Analyst
            Globe Express Services ® (Overseas Group)
            535 Regal Row
            Dallas, TX 75247
            P (214) 630 6631 l F (214) 845 8154

            GAC is a big shipping company in UAE - I have a Swedish friend working for them here in Abu Dhabi. He says they ship all kind of goods. GAC North America - Logistics operates as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) in Houston, making it one of just two logistics companies in the city to meet the criteria required to operate such a special facility.


            People who repatriates from UAE often use GAC to ship their belongings - reliable and having the best value for money.

            PG Larsson Bildelar AB is a spare part dealer located in Tibro, Sweden. He has a lot of stuff on his shelves, Ford specialized. I have used his service a few times in the past. He can arrange all spare parts you need, what he don't have on shelves he do take home. Check his web page for telephone #. Unfortunately, the web page is only in Swedish. Easy to learn ...! (You can use a translator website as I often do, to translate into English or other languages ~ YellowRose). He frequently visits US looking for parts to fill the containers with, to be shipped to Sweden."

            PG Larsson Bildelar AB
            Rydsgatan 12, 543 51 Tibro, Sweden

            Submitted by Nicolas Zimmermann ~ Nicolas ~ France

            "I have imported around 35 classic cars from the US and many parts, tires, engines etc...

            I can help! I know the procedures and I can always help friends to import safely.

            For car transportation, I only work with Schumacher Cargo Logistics,, Wendy Gomez. They are serious and Wendy is the nicest person to deal with. I have tried other companies in the past but there are good chances to get robbed!

            Concerning parts, here are my suppliers.

            Rockauto for engine, brakes, sheet metal, lights etc... (Remember, that Rockauto is a member of our Forum and as such, is one of the few parts companies that gives us a discount on website orders. That discount code can be found in the Advertisements Forum).

            Universal Tires from PA for tires -

            Macs Antique for more specific parts which I can't find on Rockauto.

            For cars, I find them on Ebay, at, (and other Classic cars)

            Play Toys in CA, Hemmings,

            Do not hesitate to contact me or to share my contact details.

   and dial 0033 680 18 02 91 to reach me on my cell phone."
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