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  • Rare Parts Company

    Here is the website for Rare Parts
    They specialize in manufacturing rare parts for old classic cars, including the rear suspension parts for the '58 Tbird. Their contact information is on their website.

    I just spoke with Rare Parts regarding their company. Their company manufactures a lot of parts for our Tbirds in house. Or they get them from other major parts manufacturers. They specialize in shocks, struts, steering, gear, pump & components, suspension, springs and components. They also can manufacture parts in those areas of their expertise. They do not market things like interior parts, carbs, chrome parts, etc.. They have upper and lower ball joints, suspension parts, by Moog, McQuaid, and TRW, and much, much more. Many of the automotive parts houses, like O'Reilly's, Autozone, Napa, Advance and others, get their parts from Rare Parts. They have been in the business for some 30 years and they said that if they don't have a part, they can match it, make it, or repair it! Take a look at their website, and look through it to see what all they have.

    NOW, for the great news! We qualify for a 10% discount on ALL Rare Parts orders. When you order from them tell them that you qualify for the car club discount as you are a member of, the 1955-2005 Tbird Forum..
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