Most of our main vendors supply gas tanks for our Squarebirds and other Tbirds at a price of $220-$380 for Squarebird gas tanks, and other pricing for other years of Tbirds.

Here are two more sources for Tbirds that I want to share with you. These Squarebird gas tanks are made by the same Canadian company that, I think, supplies all gas tanks for our classic Tbirds.

The first eBay company is: stampedingbuffalo in PA. He sells his for $191 plus $42 shipping. He presently has more than 10 available.

The other vendor is Dan ~ mqproducts (Maryland Quality Products) in Maryland. His F35 gas tank sells for $179.95, plus $45 UPS shipping. Since it was a bit cheaper, I ordered from him and he shipped it this morning! Not only does he have gas tanks for our Squarebirds, but also for '57, '61-'63 & '64-'66 Tbirds.