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68 Thunderbird front turn signal bulbs

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  • Arlee
    • Aug 2 2022
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    68 Thunderbird front turn signal bulbs

    Does anyone know how to replace front turn signal bulbs on a 68? Not 67 it's different, but a 68, 5 screw's holding lens in but only top 2 are showing (which is tight & up between bumper rest screw's are hidden behind frame, there is a 2 bolt bracket holding the housing up inside somewhere but is this what u have to remove, or the whole lower metal frame, just to change the turn signal bulb??? I searched everywhere & there is absolutely no info whatsoever anywhere about how to replace front turn signal bulbs.....
  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    If you do not have the 1968 Thunderbird Shop Manual, this might be of use to you.

    Here is the link to Group 15 on Lighting and Horn. Perhaps the information is there. You can read through each page to see if the information you need is there. Also, if you google 1968 Thunderbird Shop Manual you will see them for sale, in case you want to buy one.

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    • simplyconnected
      • May 26 2009
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      I agree with Ray, everyone needs to have the specific Ford Shop Manual for their car. It offers full instructions with illustrations and these manuals are available from many sources at reasonable prices. We are here to help with answers to questions that are vague or absent from the manual. But we encourage you to go to the 'factory manual' first, in every case.

      Finding free online pages from the manual is 'a nice treat' but don't expect great quality. Many times, the pages are 'greased up' or they might have handwritten notes or underlines, from a mechanic's normal use. They may be copied poorly but after all, they are free.

      The best page I could find from Ray's answer is this: Group 15 - Lighting Horns and Instruments / LightingHornsInstruments_0010 (

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      • jopizz

        • Nov 23 2009
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        As you mentioned the '67 and '68 parking lights are completely different. There appears to be two bolts or screws holding the parking light housing to the valence or bumper. If you remove those two bolts you should be able to either move the housing enough to remove the lens screws or pull the entire parking light housing out the back per the shop manual instructions.


        68 parking light.jpg 68 parking light inst.jpg
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