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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Read The Entire Forum!!!

    Over the years, your Squarebird Administrators (me, John ~ jopizz, Dano ~ Dan Leavens and our Webmaster, Dave ~ simplyconnected, have suggested that not only should you read just the Sub-Forum that pertains to your Tbird, but all the other Sub-Forums. Like from Rules Of Conduct, down through Webmaster, General and Membership Benefits, and into the General Technical Discussion Sub-Forums. Down through Ford Electrical Problems, Ford Engines, and the General Discussion Sub-Forums. Like PC Help Desk, Ford Motor News, Our Rides, Tbird & Big Fords Picture Gallery, especially Anything Goes, Events, New Members Welcoming and Thunderbird Production History. Then there is the Adverstisements Forum where all the companies who market Tbird parts and products are listed at... And the For Sale / Parts or Car Wanted Sub-Forum... For those of you who are Paid Members of this Forum, you will want to visit the Members Conference Sub-Forum. Those of you who are not Paid Members do not see this...

    The point of all this is that by just viewing the Sub-Forum that pertains only to your Tbird, you miss a ton of information regarding other Tbird problems on this Forum that often also pertain to your Tbird! I and your fellow Administrators have had an education in mechanical and electrical engineering pertaining to these old classic cars of ours that is out of this world! Because, as Administrators, we read every thread, and every post made on this Forum. There are things going on this Forum that many of you never know about because you never look at anything else but what is posted on your Sub-Forum.

    Case in point! In talking with you on the phone, in a PM or email, many of you do not even know that our beloved Webmaster, Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, went through emergency surgery a couple of weeks ago and is missing from this Forum! He is home now and recovering, minus the big toe on his right foot, and getting around with an IV in him with antiobiotics. If you go to the Anything Goes Forum and click on the Thread, "Our Great Webmaster, Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected Is Recovering From Surgery!" You will find out all about it and can wish him a speedy recovery, or send him a Get Well card as he works to get back on the Forum again...

    So get used to checking out the entire Forum and gain an education in classic cars that can teach you a lot, especially about your own classic Tbird... There is a couple of little "ballons" next to the title of each Sub-Forum... When the darker one lights up, that tells you that there are new threads or posts to be read. Or if you look at Latest Topics to the right, that also tells you what the latest posts are...

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