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Considering Buying A Bluetooth Monitor System For Your Retrobird?

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Considering Buying A Bluetooth Monitor System For Your Retrobird?

    Andrea's ~ roses4andrea Bluetooth install... Andrea had been wanting to install a modern Bluetooth monitor system in her beautiful 2005 50th Annivrsary Retrobird so she could have cell phone access, charging, GPS, and the other features Bluetooth provides. It turns out that was her big Christmas present from Hubby Steve! It is my understanding that it is thought that only the 2005 50th Anniversary edition Retrobird has the burl wood center console in it... But the area around the AC vents, radio, AC section is silver on her Tbird. However, this appears to be either an Optional interior item or an aftermarket one. In Andrea's case, the center console where the shift stick knob is already had the burl wood section installed on her 50th Anniversary Tbird.

    Andrea found the upper Burl Wood Dash Trim kit she wanted to match the burl wood center console on her Tbird! FORD THUNDERBIRD T-BIRD INTERIOR BURL WOOD DASH TRIM KIT SET 2002 2003 2004 2005 #393052331595. Thanks to my Pioneer radio blends in with my console. Burl Wood trim $39.99 - Ask for part # for upper Burl Wood Bluetooth Monitor Trim, only. Unless you want replace your complete center console section. The complete Burl Wood Center Console trim is $139.99 plus shipping.

    Depending on the color of the car, the pictures I have seen of the 50th Anniversary edition shows the face plate around the AC vents, radio, AC controls to be silver. In looking at pictures of the other years I have seen either a silver or black center console section, but no burl wood center console enlay...

    There are any number of Bluetooth Monitor systems one can buy, but in talking with Best Buy, she settled on this one.

    Pioneer 6328679 AUH255ONEX,
    Total $420.00

    Below are pix of what these components look like...

    In addition to the Bluetooth Monitor system, the following components were also installed to make it fully functional...

    Ford licence video Harness $16.99 - Part # 9437549 70-5521
    Maestro Universal analog $59.99 - Part # 2868571 ADS--MSW
    Steering wheel control $59.99 - Part # 8335615
    License plate back up mount Camera $79.99 - Part # 1570003 BBBPC
    Rear backup Installation, Geek Squad Best Buy $129.99 - Part # 519714
    With installation, $480 Total

    Andrea's comments...
    Very clean, Pioneer back up camera, DVD, phone, navigation. Love it. The Bluetooth Monitor system cost approximately $420, at Best Buy and we got the last one, so they have to be ordered. That didn't include the backup camera and the other components to make it all work, which was $480 including installation with the Geek Squad. The back up camera is on the license plate holder. They wanted to put that black face on the center console and I said no, I wanted the silver face. So that it would blend in with the silver on my dash, doesn't match exactly but it's close enough. (Then later she found the Burl wood section that matched her center console and got it). Like I said before, I didn't change the speakers. Wow they sound great. I have a lifetime warranty on the radio and installation with the Geek Squad. Its tied to my steering wheel.

    Here is what the finished product looks like and she is enjoying it very much!

    2021 Squarebird Calendar - For June, 2021...

    Posted with her permission for her....
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