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Considering buying a 94 Thunderbird

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  • Considering buying a 94 Thunderbird

    Hello everyone. I am considering purchasing a 1994 Ford Thunderbird tomorrow. I don't know the specifics of the engine/tranny combo of the one I am going to look at. What I do know is this: My father's friend's mother cannot drive anymore and wants to sell her car. She is a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sunday and the car has only 37,000 miles!!!!! Plus she only wants $800 fo it!!! Granted, I haven't seen what condition it is in yet.

    Despite the low mileage and inherent coolness of the car I am concerned about reliability. After reading this forums and other places I am a bit concerned. I hear a lot about transmission woes and heater coil troubles, both of which can be big fixes required either a lot of time or a lot of cash or both. How reliable are these cars? Any clue as to the frequency with which these problems occur? I can change my own oil but overall am not too great with a wrench. I'm willing to learn, but I was thinking just as you don't start learning math with differential equations maybe I shouldn't start learning to wrench on a 94 Thunderbird? This car would be my daily driver. Any advice? Also, if I do buy the car, is there any preventative maintenance I should do right away?
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    William : If that is a Canadian car when new , the big thing would be the body if driven much in the winter . Was the car garaged most of it's life . Being owned by " a little old lady " as you say, it most likely has the V6 OHV engine ( 3.8 L ) and would be a Thunderbird LX . The nice option would be the V8 , 4.6 L SOHC which also was in the Thunderbird LX . Would not think she would have theThunderbird SC ( Souper Coupe ) which had the Supercharged/intercooled V-6, 3.8 L engine . These were nice cars back in the 90's . I have a '97 LX with the 4.6 V-8 and now has over 160 K ( kilometres ) on it and not ready to park yet . Had some minor problems over the years with regular maintenance but nothing major . This car still has the original exhaust system on it . Would say that for $ 800.00, that is a steal . The tires are worth that much if in decent condition . Still has rear wheel drive and fun to drive . Good luck with your purchase .

    ps. I had a '91 Cougar before this '97 and wish I still had it . It had the 5.0 L HO in it . Great car .



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      William, down at the bottom of the Technical Resource Library (TRL) is a Vehicle Check List that our membership put together some years ago. It was meant, at the time to primarily be used to evaluate the older Tbirds, but you can certainly put it to good use on newer Tbirds, or other classic cars of any make, model or year. You may want to print it out and run it against that '94 Tbird..

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        William as Martin stated for $800, it is a good deal even when you see it is in good condition to play with for awhile and then flip. Back in the day, when I transferred from Toronto to Calgary, I had a 93 SC drove it all the way here and had it for 4 years after that. I had very little issues other than standard maintenance and was a fun car to drive. My 2 cents
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