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What Happened To The 2006 Retrobird?

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    What Happened To The 2006 Retrobird?

    Yesterday, I attended the annual So. Texas Tbird Club (VTCI) Christmas Party and had a great time. During the event, the subject of Ford coming out with a New Tbird came up. In the course of conversation, I was told that there was conjecture that one might be under consideration for the 65th Celebration of the Tbird in 2020. So I started looking for information regarding possible new Tbirds being produced. I found a number of sites that were promoting a new Tbird in you-pick-a-year, but nothing has come out yet. It seems that Ford is dumping their brand names instead, concentrating on their big Truck and SUV sales, so we may never see a Tbird from them again. If you google New Thunderbird For (pick a year) see what ya find.. Pictures I have seen make it look like a Mustang... Then there is the Thunderbird Specialties website that suggests that there will be a 2020 Tbird. Here is the link to that! Note that the link states 2016 Ford Tbird Order Yours Today, but the article is about a 2020 Tbird to come out next year.

    What I did find on the Thunderbird Specialties website is a story that I had not heard of before. That Ford intended to market the Retro-Bird through 2006, but cancelled it. Thunderbird Specialties bills itself as the worlds largest supplier of Retrobird parts. Here is the story as reported on the Thunderbird Specialties website. Here is what happened to the 2006 Retro-Bird....


    Here is the link to their main website.

    Read their T-Bird Articles page for a lot more information regarding the 2002-2005 Tbird.

    Visit the blog of Powersport California Custom for up-to-date and interesting information on the Ford Thunderbird.

    Here is a link to pictures of what Retrobird owners have been doing to jazz up the look of their Retrobirds!

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