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Sequential lights not working

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  • Sequential lights not working

    I have a 1969 and the turn signal are not working. The fronts work normal. The left only flashes on the outer bulb and the right does nothing. Emergency flashers work as they should, so do the brake lights. Iím assuming it is the sequential unit. I see that Macs sells a unit for $119 but not sure if that is what I need. They only show the circuit board that goes in the black box. Mine also has another set of 4 what I believe to be relays taped to the black box. Not sure if that part is no longer needed with the replacement. This system is new to me so any advice would help. Thanks...

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    You are probably going to need more than just the circuit board. I suggest you contact John Draxler at the T-Bird Ranch. He sells the units and is pretty knowledgeable about how they work. He can probably tell you exactly what you need. Here's the link to his site.

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      Thanks John. I will contact him.


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        His contact information is in the Advertisements Forum under Thunderbird Ranch. You might have better luck contacting him by email.

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