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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    RE: Tbird Registry Added To The Forum

    John Rotella informed me today that access to his Tbird Registry website that was set up in the Technical Resource Library (TRL) is operational again. He gave me a new link to access it with and I changed that in the TRL. So now if you want to register your Tbird or update its listing, you can do so from the TRL again! Remember, if you want to just check someone else's listing, or your own, go to his website. If you want to register or update your listing, you can do it from the Forum again, through the TRL. You will find the link where it was before, right below the heading for Data & Resource Library On Thunderbirds (1958-1966). Read through the instructions BEFORE you access the form. Here is the Technical Resource Library link.

    By the way John plans to start showing club affiliations on each car’s web page very soon. Along with it, there will be a list of clubs, and the cars that are associated with those clubs. So people might want to use the Registry’s contact page to inform me about their cars.

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