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1965 Pitman Arm

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  • 1965 Pitman Arm

    My 65 Bird was diagnosed with a bad Pittman Arm. The wheel wobbled when car raised & shook I cannot find a Pittman Arm anywhere. I ordered a couple of them, but after a few days got emails saying not in stock. Very hard to get. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    I would call all the Thunderbird parts vendors. They all seem to have it listed in their catalogs but whether or not it's still available is anybody's guess. Try Pat Wilson Thunderbird parts. If he doesn't have a new one he may have a good used one. It's a 1965-66 Thunderbird part only which is why it's hard to find.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      Clint66 has a number of 1966 Flairbird parts cars. I assume that the pitman arm on a '66 Flairbird would also work on a '65. John can confirm that or not. I have a call into Clint to see if he has a used one. I will let you know what he has to say...

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        Thank you!


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          Finally got Pitman Arm for 65. A restoration place in New Hampshire got it at Wilsons T-Birds. Evidently this is a rare part????