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  • Larry Tappen
    • May 5 2017
    • 114

    1964 forum

    I can't believe there isn't any new topics on this forum not since Jan. 23 2o21. I had to log in and change my pass word (again) to log in but still no new topics . Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Larry.
  • Pat in Ma
    • Dec 30 2018
    • 171

    Nope, not doing anything wrong. Guess it's just been a slow season probably due to the
    pandemic and lack of gatherings. I'm sure a fair number, including myself, haven't been
    out and about and thus slow or not bothering with certain projects. Just my .02

    Hope your doing well and your ready for any upcoming shows, cruise nights or whatever
    might be in your area soon.
    Pat M.
    Monson, MA
    1959 HT Hickory Tan, Thunderbird registry #77617


    • YellowRose

      • Jan 21 2008
      • 17054

      I see the last posts after what Larry said, were made on Feb. 10th, and then another post on the 25th. Many Tbird owners are just starting to get their Birds out of the garage or storage facilities as we move into Spring. And as was mentioned, many have been impacted by Covid and have not been active... But things should pick up as it gets warmer, and if this pandemic will end.....

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