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Thanks for all of the help and support!

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  • Thanks for all of the help and support!

    Hello everyone. I sold my 65 a few months ago to pursue my next automotive interest since I can't have them all at once. I'm really appreciate of all the help and support I received from board members here though while on the forum. What a great group of people!

    PS - if anyone is interested I have a collections of service manuals, lit ,etc available here to help out the next person;

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    Hi Steven, I see you have sold your '65 recently. I hope that you informed the buyer of our Forum so that we can continue to assist him in maintaining his new acquisition. If not, please do so. Thank you for the comments you have made regarding the help and support that you received. Your comments are very much appreciated. Best Regards, Ray ~ YellowRose..

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      Steven, I sent you a message regarding your manuals but you never responded. - Dave
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