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Sealing back window on 66 Town Landau

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  • Sealing back window on 66 Town Landau

    My wife's uncle passed away leaving her his 66 Town Landau which he bought in the early 70's. It was buried under a ton of trash in his garage. He had removed the moulding around the back window (about 20 years ago) in order to fix a leak there. I haven't been able to find any discussion of this problem or how to fix it after a lot of searching. It appears these cars don't use a rubber seal, so how does one address this problem? Before someone indignantly tells me there is already a thread addressing this, I searched and didn't find one. That doesn't mean that is doesn't exist, but I didn't find it. So any assistance would be appreciated.

    Thanks Pauly

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    Town Landaus use adhesive sealer like modern cars rather than a rubber weatherstrip. You will have to remove the glass, clean off all the old sealant, apply new sealant then reinstall the window and trim. 3M makes a number of window adhesives.

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      At Ford assembly plants, sealing glass is a meticulous process that uses cleaners and adhesives not found in normal stores. So, who has these chemicals? Auto glass shops. The cleaner instantly evaporates and is red. It goes on the glass (before the primer and urethane) AND on the 'window aperture', or car body. Next, they use a black primer on both the glass and aperture. Finally, urethane (we use Essex brand) is applied to the glass. Two people hang on to the suction cups as they position, then gently set the glass. Then, they 'slap' it down.

      When you do 60 per hour, you get a 'feel' for how much to slap it before the glass breaks. Windshields are more fragile than backlites because windshields are laminated while backlites are tempered.

      Soooooooo, if I had no experience and no correct chemicals, I would bring the car and glass to a auto glass shop and let them set it for you. They buy urethane in calk tubes for ~$20/each. Once opened, whatever is left is thrown out because air hardens it in ten minutes. A good glass shop will give you a 'leak warranty' as well. - Dave
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