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starter solenoid

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  • rab1969
    • Nov 3 2020
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    starter solenoid

    Hi i'm new here I have a crazy question I bought a 1966 Thunderbird that was mostly together except for the engine it was installed but not bolted up or wired up My question is can someone post a photo of there starter solenoid wired up correctly. I have never had a old car with this many acc. before power windows power door locks a/c power vent windows ect. As stated before my 1964 Galaxie and 1973 Maverick were bare bones compared to the Thunderbird .
    Thanks in advance R. Allen
  • jopizz

    • Nov 23 2009
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    I don't have a picture of a solenoid for a 1966 but here is a picture of one that will look identical to yours. The important thing is to make sure that the cable to the starter is the only thing on one of the lugs. Here it is on the right lug. All the other cables including the positive battery cable, alternator cable and all power accessory cables should be on the other lug. The two smaller lugs on the front come from the neutral switch and go to the coil.


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    • simplyconnected
      • May 26 2009
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      You don't need a picture if you remember these simple points:
      The solenoid must be mounted with a solid ground. Looking at the front of the starter solenoid...
      Only ONE wire bolts on the RH side for the starter motor.
      The small 'I' (or coil wire) pushes on the same RH side as the starter motor post.
      The small 'S' (or start) wire pushes onto the LH post.
      All the rest of the wires bolt to the battery side, or the LH side of the starter solenoid.
      That's it.
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      • frank58
        • May 28 2006
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        try here