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Upgrading my front discs

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    The special bracket fits on the spindle and the four bolt holes line up perfectly.

    Autozone gave me the wrong calipers so I returned them. The new ones are 2-13/16" single caliper. I need to do a paint-thickness grind on the outer edges of the caliper, but otherwise the fit. The diameter of the assembly, center of spindle hole to outer edge of caliper, is about 1/4" smaller than my wheel inside diameter, so I'm good there.

    The last remaining measurement is the in-out dimensions, and I'll test fit that this weekend. If so it's off to the machine shop to have my old drums cut down and the new rotors drilled for the stud spacing.


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      Well this is a no-go. When mounted behind the spindle, the caliper hits the steering arm portion of the spindle. When mounted in front, it makes contact with the vertical portion. Calipers and rotors will be returned. I had to grind on the adapter plates, so can't return them. But I have a buddy with a 64 Lincoln and will gift them to him.