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radio noise suppressor for 66 bird

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  • radio noise suppressor for 66 bird

    Anyone know where I can get a radio noise suppressor?

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    Originally posted by Mike-n-Teri66Tbird View Post
    Anyone know where I can get a radio noise suppressor?
    Don't know about new ones but I may have a few used laying around . Attaches to the CVR type ?


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      No, not CVR suppressors. Those were coils used only in certain years. Coils are inductors, used to smooth-out current, as close to the source as possible.

      Radio, voltage regulator, generator and ignition points all used the same .22uf capacitors. Capacitors are used to smooth-out voltage spikes again, as close to the source as possible.

      CVRs (mechanical OEM-type) work like your turn signal flasher unit. They turn on and off to simulate 50% of 12-volts. This is a very crude way but I cannot argue with success. By contrast, my solid state CVRs output steady 6-volts regardless of battery voltage, without contacts. No coils or capacitors are needed for solid state CVRs.
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        I seen in the shop manual that cause for the gauges not working could be the CVR and/or the radio suppressor. I noticed engine interference when radio is on and driving. I assumed it could be the radio noise suppressor? So, I figured while doing the CVR do the radio suppressor since they are together. Then I was going to attempt removing the gauges to try and get then working. I was successful on cleaning and lubricating the clock to get it working. The points were badly corroded.