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New clock flashes its lamps

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  • New clock flashes its lamps

    After having my original clock serviced several years ago it got slower and slower and finally stopped, so I had the same company, The Clock Works in Eagle River, WI, fit it with a new quartz movement.

    After testing it out on a hooked to the car battery overnight I put it in and it works great. While installing it I found one of the bulbs had blown- I changed every bulb in the assembly when I did the clock last time. So I left the blown bulb out so I cold source it, then reinstalled the assembly. Now the single bulb flashes about every second.

    The bulb is connected to the gage lamp circuit and the clock is on a different circuit, but both share the same ground. I'm guessing that the fix is to run a new ground for one or both circuits, but I still think this is rather odd. I never measured the amperage that the clock is pulling, as I figured that this would be very small. Maybe its drawing more than that.

    I had the dash out when I did the restoration and re-did all the grounds, which makes the situation even more odd.